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Organic Maltodextrin Powder

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Organic corn maltodextrin powder
Ingredients: Organic corn starch
Certificate: EU & USDA organic
Packaging Type: Bag
Type: Nutrition Enhancers and Stabilizers

What is Organic Maltodextrin Powder?

Organic maltodextrin powder(organic corn maltodextrin) is made from high-quality corn starch through a meticulous process of enzymatic hydrolysis. Our product is a low-conversion polysaccharide food additive with a unique taste and smell that is neither sweet nor bitter.

The DE value of our maltodextrin powder directly impacts its physical properties. The higher the DE value, the greater the product’s dissolved oxygen, sweetness, permeability, fermentability, browning reaction, and freezing point. On the other hand, the tissue, viscosity, and pigmentation are stable while the resistance and crystallization resistance decrease.

Our organic maltodextrin powder finds application in a wide range of industries, including beverages, frozen foods, candies, cereals, dairy products, health products, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical production. With various specifications to choose from, our product acts as an excellent thickener, fixative, and ingredient for puffed foods.

Our corn farm, situated in Northeast China, has the ideal climate and fertile soil to cultivate premium corn. We ensure that our organic corn starch and maltodextrin are of the highest quality in the industry. Our EU and USDA organic certificates guarantee the source of our maltodextrin, giving you the confidence and assurance that you are making an informed and ethical choice.

Organic Maltodextrin

Specification of Organic maltodextrin powder

PRODUCT NAME Organic Maltodextrin Powder
APPEARANCE Fine powder
TASTE & ODOR Neutral flavor without peculiar smell
TEXTURE Free of foreign material
PH 4.5-6.5
DE VALUE 10-15
HEAVY METAL Pb≤ 0.5 mg/kg
As≤ 0.5 mg/kg
TPC ≤10000 cfu/g
COLIFORMS ≤30 mpn/100g
PESTICIDE Meet EU &NOP organic standards
STORAGE & SHELF LIFE 2 years, stored in its unopened original packaging at temperatures below 60°F (25°C)
PACKAGE 25kg/bag
REMARK The customized specification also can be achieved

Health Benefits Of Organic Maltodextrin

Improve food viscosity

It can increase the solubility of various food ingredients, play an obvious emulsification effect, increase the viscosity of the prepared food, and make it taste better and more attractive. It can also inhibit the browning reaction of various food ingredients and prevent food ingredients from browning during food processing.

Reduce food sweetness

In many candies, an appropriate amount of maltodextrin is added to reduce the sweetness of the sweets and increase the toughness of the candies. It has significant advantages in extending the shelf life of candies.

Alternative fat

People can use maltodextrin to replace fat when making salads, ice cream, sausages, and other high-fat foods so that the fat content of the foods produced is relatively low. After eating, it will not absorb too much fat, and will not cause diseases due to high fat.

Change the appearance structure of the food

People can add an appropriate amount of maltodextrin when making biscuits, cakes, and other convenience foods. This will make the product taste good, be non-sticky, and will not leave any residue, and then the shape and appearance of the food made by adding maltodextrin will be smoother and fuller, making people feel a great appetite.


Starch Packing

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 77 × 44 × 20 cm
Free Sample

Available, convenient FEDEX, UPS and EMS services

Bulk Packaging

25 kg multi-ply kraft paper bag, 40 bags per pallet

Delivery Time

10~20 days


D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union

Start Port

Qingdao, Tianjin

DE Value

8-10, 10-15, 15-20


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