Organic Malt Syrup

Appearance: Light Syrup, Medium Syrup, Dark Syrup
Other Name: Maltose Syrup, Liquid Maltose

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What is Organic Malt Syrup?

Organic Malt Syrup (maltose syrup) is a high-quality, all-natural sweetener sourced exclusively from organically grown corn. It is designed to meet the demands of business-to-business customers, such as food manufacturers, bakeries, and beverage producers. This premium syrup is a versatile and healthier alternative to processed sugars and sweeteners, offering consistent quality and a mild, natural sweetness that complements a variety of culinary and food production applications.

Specification Sheet

Product Name Organic Malt Syrup
Ingredients 100% organically grown corn
Organic Certification USDA Organic
Packaging Available in various sizes (e.g., 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon)
Color Deep amber
Texture Viscous liquid
Flavor Profile Sweet, malty, with subtle caramel notes
Density Approximately 1.36 g/cm³
pH Level 4.0 – 5.5
Brix Value 75 – 80
Lead (Pb) < 0.1
Arsenic (As) < 0.05
Cadmium (Cd) < 0.02
Mercury (Hg) < 0.01
Total Plate Count < 10,000 CFU/g
Yeast and Mold < 100 CFU/g
Coliforms Absent in 1g
E. Coli Absent in 1g
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Listeria Absent in 25g
Shelf Life 2 years from the date of manufacture
Storage Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration not required but recommended for extended shelf life.


Organic Malt Syrup is a versatile ingredient suitable for various food production applications, including:

  1. Bakery Products: Ideal for enhancing the taste and texture of bread, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods while providing a reliable source of sweetness and moisture.
  2. Processed Foods: Use as a natural sweetener and flavor enhancer in sauces, dressings, and prepared meals.
  3. Beverage Production: Incorporate into the production of beverages, including soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic beverages for consistent sweetness.
  4. Cereal and Granola Bars: Create flavorful, healthy snack bars that cater to the growing demand for nutritious, organic products.


Our production processes adhere to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, supporting organic farming and responsible sourcing, which can align with your brand’s values and sustainability goals.

Bulk Orders

Please contact us for information on minimum order quantities and pricing tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Organic Malt Syrup is the ideal sweetening solution for food manufacturers and producers, providing a consistent, high-quality ingredient that meets organic standards and enhances your products with a mild, natural sweetness. Contact us to discuss how our product can be integrated into your manufacturing processes.


Organic Malt Syrup

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