Chlorella, an edible emerald gifted by nature

Algae in nature has always been a popular product active in the field of health and immunity. Algae is not only nutritionally balanced and comprehensive, but also has the characteristics of pure and natural ingredients, and has been given the title of “micro-nutrient library”. Among the many algae, we are familiar with, the nutritional supplements that use Chlorella and Spirulina as raw materials are the most.Spirulina Powder

Chlorella and spirulina are almost the same in appearance, but they are not.

First of all, the two types are different. Chlorella is a kind of eukaryotic single-celled plant under the Chlorellaceae in the Chlorella phylum Symphylococcus; Spirulina, although it looks green to the naked eye, is actually a cyanophyta, belonging to the Cyanophyta Oscillaceae A primitive prokaryotic unicellular or multicellular aquatic plant under the genus Spirulina.

Secondly, the nutritional components of the two are also quite different. Although both contain protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed by the human body, there are more and more abundant types of Chlorella, reaching 59 kinds. Because spirulina has a prokaryotic structure and has no chloroplasts and cell walls, its overall chlorophyll and cellulose content is much lower than that of Chlorella. Studies have shown that every 100g of chlorella contains about 4500mg of chlorophyll, which is 5 times that of spirulina and higher than common vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, and perilla.

Moreover, the unique ingredient in Chlorella-Chlorella Growth Factor (Chlorella Growth Factor) is a rare nutrient. It is a complex structure, containing a variety of nucleic acids and amino acids, as well as rich nucleoproteins, glycoproteins, and plant hormones. It can promote cell growth and repair, assist in enhancing immunity, improve metabolic syndrome, and eliminate freedom Various functions such as chelating and chelating heavy metals.Chlorella Powder

Finally, there is vitamin B12 in chlorella that can be effectively absorbed and utilized by the human body. It is an essential ingredient that the human body cannot synthesize by itself, and it is prone to anemia, skin and mucous membrane damage, and other nutritional deficiency diseases. Since it is mainly found in animal offal and seafood products, chlorella is a better way to supplement natural vitamin B12 daily for those who do not like to eat offal, seafood, and vegetarians.

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