The price of organic corn and its deep-processed products is rising

Due to the global epidemic, the prices of corn raw materials and deep-processed products will be affected to a certain extent by the end of 2020.

Among them, the price of corn raw materials (conventional and organic) has increased by nearly 10% compared to the beginning of the year; along with the increase in prices, the supply of raw materials has been insufficient. Willingness is relatively low.

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The ex-factory prices of deep-processed products, such as organic corn starch, maltodextrin, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, and glucose syrup, have increased by more than 10%.

Our organic corn planting base has also been affected to varying degrees. Due to the epidemic, our personnel management, production and processing, and logistics costs have soared. However, we still provide a relatively stable price for our loyal customers.

Our deep-processed organic corn series products are planted and processed in strict compliance with EU and NOP organic standards, and all documents are traceable. Now, come on, become our customers, and let us move forward together.