Let us understand the function and role of corn starch

Corn starch contains more unsaturated fatty acids, which has a therapeutic effect on normal metabolism of body fat and cholesterol, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and lowering hyperlipidemia.
Corn Starch

The nutritional value of corn starch

Corn is a world-recognized “golden crop”, and its fat, phosphorus, and vitamin B2 content ranks first among cereals.

Corn starch contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, which can reduce cholesterol levels in the human body, thereby reducing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. Corn starch contains more calcium and iron, which can prevent high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Modern medical research shows that corn starch is rich in glutathione, which is an anti-cancer factor, which can combine with a variety of foreign chemical carcinogens in the human body to make it detoxic, and then excreted through the digestive tract. The coarsely ground corn starch contains a lot of lysine, which can inhibit tumor growth.

Corn starch also contains trace element selenium, which can accelerate the decomposition of oxides in the human body and inhibit malignant tumors. The rich dietary fiber in corn starch can promote bowel movement, shorten the time for food to pass through the digestive tract, reduce the absorption of toxic substances and the stimulation of the colon by carcinogens, thereby reducing the occurrence of colon cancer.

Corn flakes are a new type of convenience food. The raw material used is corn starch or fine flour, which contains almost all the nutrients of corn starch.

Edible effect of corn starch

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol, treat arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, fatty liver, obesity

Storage of corn starch

When the opened corn starch is not used up, it can be placed in a closed container, or the opening of the original package can be folded several times and clamped with a clamp, and it can be stored in a dark and cool place. Pay attention to water and moisture.