Organic Black Pepper Extract Powder

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Other Name: Piper Nigrum
Appearance: Yellow-Brown Fine Powder

Organic black pepper extract (piperine) is an alkaloid extracted from pepper fruit. High-purity piperine is a light yellow or white crystalline powder in the shape of needles or short rods. Its main ingredients are piperine (C17H19NO3), jasmine (C17H19NO3), piperidine [(CH2)5NH], and piperine (C19H21O3N).

Piperine is a broad-spectrum anticonvulsant. It has a good antagonistic effect on experimental electrical convulsions in mice. It has good resistance to pentylenetetrazol, picrotoxin, strychnine, as well as intraventricular injection tube curaline and glutamate It is also effective for certain types of epilepsy. Piperine is more toxic to flies than pyrethrum.

Recent medical research has shown that black pepper extract is very helpful in increasing the absorption of certain vitamins such as selenium, vitamin B, and β-carotene. We provide our customers with two types of organic and conventional piperine. The organic black pepper extract is certified by the EU and USDA.

Peperine’s effect

Warm the middle and dispel cold, lower the qi, and eliminate phlegm. Used for stomach cold, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, epilepsy, and excessive sputum.

1. The main component of black pepper is piperine, which also contains a certain amount of aromatic oil, crude protein, crude fat, and soluble nitrogen, which can remove fishy, degrease and aid digestion.
2. The smell can increase appetite.
3. Warm sex, has a good relieving effect on stomach cold and abdominal pain caused by stomach cold, and diarrhea caused by intestinal Chemicalbook.
4. It has antiseptic and antibacterial effects and can detoxify fish and shrimp botulism.
5. The spiciness of black pepper is stronger than that of white pepper, and the fragrance is spicy, which removes fishy and enhances the flavor. It is more used for cooking internal organs and seafood dishes.
6. Edible taboos: patients with digestive tract ulcers, cough and hemoptysis, hemorrhoids, throat inflammation, and eye diseases should be cautious.


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