Organic Cassia Bark Extract Powder

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Other Name: Cortex Cinnamomi
Appearance: Brown Red Powder
Other Form: Whole, Granular


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Organic cassia bark extract powder is, as the name implies, extracted from cassia bark. Cassia bark also is known as cinnamon bark. Our raw material of organic cinnamon bark is harvested in Guangxi province, China.

As a health supplement, Organiccassia bark extract powder provides antioxidant protection to the cells of your body and combat inflammation. It may also fight infections‚ repair damaged tissues‚ and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort. Cinnamon may regulate healthy blood glucose levels‚ maintain a healthy lipid profile‚ and support heart-healthy living. It may also promote brain function and attention‚ avoid age-related memory loss‚ and reduce mood swings. Cinnamon reportedly relieves common cold‚ flu‚ joint pain‚ and intestinal spasms.


Protecting gastric mucosa against damage.
Lowing blood pressure and preventing blood clots.
Strengthening the body’s immune function.


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