Organic Products: 5 Organic Food Ingredients Perfect for Your Weight Loss

Organic foods are trendy these days. There is a whole industry surrounding organic food products. While people nowadays are more aware of the dangers of pesticides and chemicals in our environment, consumers still need to be educated on what makes a food product organic. Organic farming is better for consumers because organic foods have no chemical additives, posing potential risks to human health and environmental welfare. The best way to get genuine “organic” food products is to grow your product or buy from local farmers who employ traditional techniques.

It must be produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and artificial preservatives for something to be labeled organic. Contrary to popular belief, organically grown food doesn’t have to set you back financially. In today’s economy, organic food products can be found at discounted prices. There are certain foods that even the financially strapped consumer can afford, such as grapefruit essential oil. Here are five organic food ingredients which will help you give up bad eating habits and boost your weight loss results:

1 – Flax Seeds

flax seeds have been around for thousands of years, and they’ve been passed down through generations as a reliable remedy for a variety of health problems, including constipation and menstrual difficulties. Modern scientific research has found that flax seeds have anti-diabetic effects and are high in omega-three fatty acids, lignans, and dietary fibers, effectively lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar levels. Flax seeds are very high in protein and can be sprinkled on cereal, yogurt, salads, or baked goods. But make sure you grind them up before eating because they can pass through your digestive system without being digested otherwise.

2 – Oatmeal

Humans have eaten oats for thousands of years and have been a staple food crop for many people throughout history. Oats are a great source of fiber which helps reduce cholesterol as well as regulate bowel movements. According to research done at Purdue University, oats contain a natural compound called beta-glucan that blocks the absorption of dietary cholesterol into the bloodstream so it can flush out all toxins from our bodies quickly and efficiently. In addition to reducing bad cholesterol, oats also increase good cholesterol levels. Oatmeal is a versatile food product that can be eaten with milk, sugar, or honey for breakfast, or it can be cooked in water along with spices, nuts, and raisins as a snack or side dish.

3 – Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth. They are packed with protein, micronutrients, antioxidants, and phytosterols referred to as “superfoods.” According to scientific studies, pumpkin seeds help lower bad cholesterol by up to 20%. In addition to lowering blood pressure, pumpkin seeds also resolve digestive issues such as constipation. Pumpkin seeds can be roasted and eaten as an afternoon snack, added to baked goods, sprinkled on salads, or snacked right out of hand.

4 – Tomatoes

tomatoes are known for their rich red color due to the presence of lycopene in them. Lycopene has impressive health benefits such as anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that eating large amounts of tomatoes can prevent prostate cancer because lycopene helps block certain carcinogenic compounds from forming when the body is exposed to testosterone. In addition, according to research done at Harvard University, tomato paste was found to reduce bad cholesterol by up to 10%. So next time you’re making spaghetti sauce, add a few extra tomatoes!

5 – Yogurt

yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and potassium, which help regulate blood pressure, boost bone health, and keep the heart-healthy. It also contains proteins, carbohydrates, B-vitamins, which are all vital to your body’s well-being. Yogurt is a perfect food for weight loss because it helps boost metabolism while providing energy for physical exercise. There are many different types of yogurt available on today’s market. Just be sure to watch out for added sugars and artificial sweeteners to make sure you’re not sabotaging your diet plan with hidden calories.

Wrapping Up!

Don’t let yourself suffer through bland, tasteless food! With these five organic ingredients around the kitchen, you’ll never have to eat bland meals again! Try them today and see how much better they make everything taste!