Chaga has multiple nutritional values, two research directions are the focus

The scientific name of Chaga is Inonotus obliquus. It is a medicinal fungus that mainly parasitizes on white birch trees. It is a wild resource. It is mainly distributed in Siberia and the Far East of Russia. It is also produced in a small amount in Hokkaido, North Korea, and Heilongjiang in China.

Relying on the vast birch forests and the advantages of Chaga resources, Russia has become the country with the most in-depth research on Chaga and the most productive country in the world. With the increasing number of Russian Siberian Chaga exporting countries, what are the application prospects and trends?

“Chaga has been used in Russia for a long time. In previous studies, its greatest improvement to the human body lies in gastrointestinal diseases, which can significantly regulate human gastrointestinal dysfunction and imbalance. In the recent period, Most of the research direction has turned to Chaga’s research on diabetes and tumors.” said Liudmila, senior chief physician and professor of plant therapy applications at Irkutsk State Hospital, Russia.


More than 200 active ingredients, and multiple health values.

The book “Exploring the medicinal fungi of Chaga from Siberia” records that there have been as many as 215 effective chemical active ingredients of Chaga. The main reports are polysaccharides, triterpenes, steroids, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

Compounds and lignans and other components, most of which have successfully separated monomers from Chaga and identified their structures. According to Liudmila, after diabetic patients use Siberian Chaga extract, the hypoglycemic effect is very obvious, and it can obviously restore the patient’s body function; positive records and related certifications show that Chaga has effects on the rectum, intestine, and Tumors on the stomach, including the lungs, have a significant effect.

Russian doctors will recommend and instruct patients to take Siberian Chaga extract as an important auxiliary method for the treatment of tumors. Taking Siberian Chaga extract during treatment will significantly improve immunity and anti-fatigue ability, and improve the work efficiency of the body. In addition, recent studies in Russia have also found that regular use of Siberian Chaga extract has significant effects on some unexplainable diseases and very difficult skin diseases; Chaga extract also has a definite therapeutic effect on various types of leukemia; Chaga It can also improve the vitality of the brain, and has significant effects on improving brain information exchange, relieving brain fatigue and brain cell regeneration. This has become another new direction in the study of Chaga.

“The northern peoples in our area have a long history of using Chaga, and it was there in ancient times. They don’t know what exactly Chaga contains, but their experience passed down from their ancestors believes that it contains a very good body for humans. A comprehensive nutrient substance.” said Igor, an old man living in Irkutsklin District, Russia. Local people often collect Chaga from the forest area, chop it up and make tea. It is an ancient folk medicine for treating children’s gastrointestinal diseases; local women often use the decoction of Chaga to wash their hair with water, which can help hair care. International cosmetics brands began to use Chaga to develop beauty products.

Organic Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder

The use of Chaga has its own health and treatment.

Chaga grows in the cold zone of high latitudes, and it continues to absorb nutrients from birch trees and grows until the birch trees dry up and die. Chaga grows very slowly, and its life span is more than 10-15 years before it is effective. Therefore, the collection of Chaga and the selection of Chaga raw materials are quite particular.

One is to judge the quality of its block size, color, and other appearance, and the other is to detect the content of active ingredients through professional testing equipment. Regarding the choice of Chaga products, Liudmila said, “If it is not for the treatment of serious diseases such as tumors and diabetes, but for health preservation and for minor illnesses and pains, you can choose crude Chaga products, such as Chaga tea bags, or I go to the forest to collect Chaga and make tea at home.

However, if it is used for the auxiliary treatment of diseases, it is recommended to choose the Siberian Chaga extract that uses modern extraction technology. Its purity is high, and its efficacy is guaranteed. Dosage guided by doctors.” In the post-epidemic era, Chaga will become a new choice for adjuvant treatment of health preservation, tumors, and three-high chronic diseases.