Blue gold in nature–phycocyanin

Phycocyanin is a natural compound extracted from spirulina, also known as blue spirulina powder. It has different characteristics and functions from spirulina powder.

Phycocyanin Powder1. Anti-inflammatory

The effect of phycocyanin is comparable to that of the most famous anti-inflammatory molecule. In inhibiting pro-inflammatory COX-2 enzymes, phycocyanin has been considered one of the most promising natural molecules, and COX-2 enzymes are involved in inflammation and related pain because they can deteriorate cartilage and joints.

2. Anti-allergic (asthma, hay fever), immune regulation

Phycocyanin is the only natural extract that is effective against asthma. It also inhibits the production of molecules that cause inflammation-limiting the number of these molecules released and therefore limiting their role in allergic events.

3. Antioxidants

The anti-free radical properties of phycocyanin help protect cells from free radical damage. Through its effects on oxidative stress, it has also been shown to have neuroprotective effects.

4. Stimulate the release of EPO

Because its structure is similar to erythropoietin (EPO), phycocyanin helps the production of red blood cells, thereby promoting the transport of oxygen to the muscles and immune system.

Phycocyanin is especially recommended for athletes who wish to improve performance and regain strength after strenuous effort or injury.

It can also be used to prevent degenerative diseases, allergies, and hay fever, and to help treat any viral diseases (including mononucleosis, which is common among athletes).