Talent Recruitment

sales Manager

Job description

1. Negotiate with customers and resolve customer questions
2. Customer background analysis, demand analysis
3. Develop a quotation plan according to customer needs and facilitate the transaction
4. Participate in/arrange overseas exhibitions and visit overseas
5. Actively develop customer resources
6. Provide customers with long-term quality services

job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, between 28-35 years old;
2. Work experience in relevant foreign trade companies, and those who have a certain performance foundation will preferentially consider;
3. The backbone of a fast-growing start-up company team
4. Have a strong ambition and result-oriented

Salary & benefits

1. Promotion path: foreign trade business elite-foreign trade manager-foreign trade director-Ogewei partner
2. Salary system: basic salary + performance + high commission + mid-year incentive + working age (irregular performance PK, material incentive for excellent people)
3. Weekends + social security + irregular team culture construction activities

Human Resources