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Organic Erythritol Powder

Organic Erythritol Powder

Appearance : white crystalline powde or particle


Other Name : meso-Erythritol

Origin Of Plant : China (Mainland)


What is Organic Erythritol Powder?

Organic Erythritol Powder

Organic erythritol powder is made from organic corn starch and is a naturally fermented sweetener. Our organic corn farm is located in Heilongjiang Province, where fertile soil is particularly suitable for organic corn.

Organic erythritol is mixed with different high-intensity sweeteners to significantly improve their bitterness or other unpleasant taste. Therefore, organic erythritol is the most reliable choice in many fields, such as beverages, candy, baking, dietary sweeteners, and functional foods.


Product NameOrganic Erythritol Powder
appearancewhite crystalline powder or granularwhite crystalline granular
Assay(on dry basis) %99.5-100.599.89
loss on drying %≤0.20%0.06
PH value5.0-7.06.57
Reducing Sugars %≤0.3%< 0.3
Ribitol and glycerol %≤0.1%< 0.01
Melting range℃119~123℃119.2℃-121.5℃
Ash %≤0.1%0.01
Arsenic(count as As) mg/kg≤0.3 mg/kg0.02
Lead(Pb) mg/kg≤0.5 mg/kg0.085
Cont of Bacteria, cfu/g≤300 cfu/g<10
Yeast and Moulds, cfu/g≤100 cfu/g<10
Conclusiongoods are complied with above standard


1.Low in calories
Erythritol has a very low caloric content; its value is 0. 2 calories per gram for food labeling purposes in the united states and 0 (zero) calories per gram.

2.High digestive tolerance
Erythritol is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine due to its small molecular size and structure...

3.Safe for diabetes' person
Single-dose and 14-day clinical studies demonstrate erythritol does not affect blood serum glucose or insulin levels.

4. Do not cause tooth decay
Erythritol like other polyols is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria which break down sugars and starches to produce acids which may lead to tooth enamel loss and cavities formation.

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