Organic Star Anise

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Appearance: Dried, Clean And Whole Star Anise
Color: Red Brown
Moisture: 11% Max
Diameter: 2.5cm Up
Origin Of Plant: China


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Organic star anise is mainly produced in western and southern Guangxi province, 200-700 meters above sea level. The mountains are warm in winter and cool in summer, the soil is deep, well-drained, and acidic. It’s the best place for star anise growth.

Dried star anise should be harvested after the end of August. Adopt natural drying way, 3-4 kg fresh star anise can be processed for 1 kg dried star anise.

Organic star anise is a famous flavoring spice, it contains aromatic oil, fat oil, protein, etc. star anise oil can be extracted as another spice oil.

Used for cooking, pharmacy, extracting shikimic acid.

We also can process organic star anise powder, 100% pure powder.




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