Cold Hemp seed oil VS refine hemp seed oil

Organic hemp oil is processed from hemp seeds. The main producing areas are China, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand According to research statistics, China accounts for about 30% of the market share. There are two main processing methods of hemp oil, one is cold pressing and the other is refining.

In terms of application fields, cold-pressed hemp oil is mainly used in food, while refined hemp oil is mainly used in the cosmetics, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries.

Cold Hemp Seed Oil Vs Refine Hemp Seed Oil

What is the cold-pressing process? What are the benefits of the cold pressing process?

Cold pressing process: through physical pressing, there is no need to heat, and the processing temperature is lower than 60 °C.

Characteristics of cold-pressed oil: good color, natural smell, and rich nutrition, which can maximize the retention of more nutrients. In the whole process of low-temperature pressing, vitamins and other heat-resistant components can not be affected. In the process of processing, there is no addition. It is 100% pure hemp oil.

The effect of hemp oil on human health is to provide essential fatty acids for the human body, such as omega-6 and Omega-3. The golden ratio of 3:1 is the best demand of the human body.

Cold-pressed hemp oil has a strong taste of hemp oil and tastes very good. It is the only choice of daily edible oil. It can be bought in major online stores (Amazon, Tmall, Wal-Mart, etc.). The shelf life of hemp oil is generally about 18 months, and the product quality depends on the grade of raw materials. For example, at the beginning of the new crop raw material products, the pressed hemp oil has the best taste, and the acid value and peroxide value are very low.

What is refined hemp oil? What are the characteristics of refined hemp oil?

During the processing of refined hemp oil, chemicals need to be added to remove wax and triglycerides, and high-temperature heating, deodorization, and cooling are needed to remove substances that affect the odor in the oil.

In the process of refining, high temperature and adding chemicals can easily lose the natural properties of hemp oil.

However, refined hemp oil has no smell and can be well used in cosmetics and drugs. The oleic acid value and peroxide value of refined hemp are very low, and the shelf life is longer.

From the appearance, the refined hemp oil is bright and light yellow.

With the continuous development of various industries, organic hemp oil has large market demand. Manufacturers with EU & NOP organic certificates and BRC certificates have become the best partner choice.