7 Reasons To Eat More Flaxseed

The science has never been clearer: flaxseed deserves to be top of the list of the world’s most powerful medicinal foods. For just pennies a day it may protect against dozens of life-threatening health conditions.

7 Flaxseed Healing Highlights
Below you will find our top 7 reports on flaxseed’s immense health benefits, including their role in preventing and/or reversing the #1 and #2 killers, namely, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

1. They Can Heal Your ArteriesGround_Flaxseed_Versus_Whole_Greenmedinfo-300X200
2. They Can Contain Beneficial Plant Estrogens
3. They Can Reduce Your Breast Cancer Mortality by 70%
4. They Can Protect Against Ovarian Cancer
5. They Protect Against Radiation Toxicity
6. They Can Dilate Your Arteries
7. They Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

For those who are interested in how best to take advantage of flaxseed’s many health benefits, but are unsure what is the best way to consume it, we address some of the most common questions below

Should I Eat The Seeds Ground or Whole?

First, keep in mind that flaxseeds are Nature’s ingenious design for preserving the precious cargo inside: highly therapeutic, though fragile polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, and other fat-soluble vitamins. This also means that you don’t have to worry about refrigerating it. Once the seed is ground up and exposed to air, light, ambient fluctuations in temperature, and time, it begins to “go bad,” i.e. oxidize and degrade.

The same rule applies to flaxseed oil. The company manufacturing the oil should maintain optimal freshness via nitrogen flushing the container, which will preferably be in non-chemical leaching glass. Also, opt for a high lignan form of the oil when available because you lose this valuable component of the seed material when you produce oil concentrate. Flaxseed has one of the highest levels of naturally occurring lignans known, and this is why if you are consuming the oil you may also wish to supplement with whole or ground flaxseed so that you benefit from these highly therapeutic compounds.