Organic Prickly Ash Peel

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Other Name: Organic Red Sichuan Pepper

Origin Of Plant: China


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You may use Chinese prickly ash peel to solve some of your health problems. Followings are some of the folk tips used by Chinese in China for years and years.

1. Stomach pain due to exposure to cold.
2. Stomach pain.
3. Diarrhea due to intestine inflammation.
4. Lower back weakness or sour.
5. Toothache.
6. Snooze.
7. Stomach pain due to menstruation.
8. Loss of hair.
9. Hernia.
10. Pain in the joint.
11. Stop milk production for breastfeeding women.

It is well known among Chinese that some tips work even much better than a doctor’s prescriptions. A good TCM doctor does not and should not refuse to use such a “simple” tip for his patients. So many times, we know the tips (as well as the whole TCM) work, though we do not know why it works from a modern science point of view. There are so many mysteries around us, even if modern science has tried so hard to understand it.




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