Organic Green Prickly Ash

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Other Name: Organic Green Sichuan Pepper
Part: Husk
Specification: Whole ,Piece,Powder,etc
Purity: 100%, no other foreign material.
Storage: In a clean, cool, dry area; Keep away from strong, direct light.

Organic Sichuan green pepper is suitable for growing in warm and moist fertile soil, and cold resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance. The ripening period of pepper fruit is greatly influenced by the variety, climate, and region. Branches grayish-brown, with short prickles.Leaflets elliptic or elliptic-lanceolate, margin serrulate, surface green, hairy, abaxially pale green.

Green pepper can be planted in spring or autumn. Spring sowing is scheduled from mid-march to early April, and autumn sowing takes place before the soil is frozen. Seeds are harvested when seeds are fully mature, dried after harvesting, and seeds are removed after peel cracking.

Organicway organic Sichuan green pepper comes from Sichuan, Gansu and south regain of Shaanxi province, where have a very long history for the cultivation of Chinese prickly ash, as it has bright green color, big size, thick skin, ear-like shape, incredibly aromatic and flavorful, so it also known as the “the king of Chinese prickly ash” with fragrance wafted miles away.




Under 100kg, 3-5Days
Door to door service easy to pick up the goods
By Air
100kg-1000kg, 5-7Days
Airport to airport service professional clearance broker needed
By Sea
Over300kg, Around 30 Days
Port to port service professional clearance broker needed


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