Organic goji berries supply is rarely this year


1. In 2019, the origin of organic goji berries was affected by natural disasters:

From March to May, the goji berry production area suffered an unprecedented drought. Even though the requirements for the growth environment of goji berries are relatively low, long-term drought has also affected the flowering period of some goji berries.

From July to August, goji berries began to mature, and unfortunately, many farms suffered from different levels of hail. Many well-grown blueberries have not been picked, and have fallen to decay, turning them into fertilizers for the new year.

Organic Goji Berries Supply Is Rarely This Year

2. Influenced by the detection of nicotine:

Many goji berries can be exported normally under previous testing standards, but under the new standards, these goji berries are difficult to monitor through nicotine.

3. Many customers order in advance:

Affected by many factors, many of the products of reliable goji berry factories have been ordered in advance. goji berries available to potential customers are much smaller than in the same period last year.

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