11 unknown secrets of chlorella-the efficacy and function of chlorella tablets

1. Change the acidic body into a healthy weakly alkaline body

The physique of newborn babies is weakly alkaline, so they seldom get sick within three months. After adulthood, due to diet and environmental factors, their physique gradually becomes acidic, which makes them sick and prone to fatigue.

Chlorella is an alkaline food. A moderate supplement of chlorella can maintain a weak alkaline physique, prevent illness, fatigue, and energetic. After taking chlorella powder, it will leave behind abundant alkaline ions after metabolism in the body, which can help the body adjust the acid-base balance.

2. Activate cells and delay aging

Appropriate supplementation of chlorella can activate cells, make metabolism lively, maintain youthfulness, and prevent diseases.

Japanese scholars have used prokaryotes to do experiments and found that the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) can be vigorous, and the cell metabolism can be activated. Therefore, taking chlorella can increase cell viability and make the metabolism progress smoothly, so the disease will gradually If you get better, your body will become healthier, and it will also have the effect of prolonging your life and keeping youth. Therefore, chlorella can be effective in regulating various diseases, and it is not directly treated like ordinary medicine.

Chlorella Powder3. Enhance immunity

The C.G.F. (that is, the Chlorella growth factor) in the chlorella component can activate macrophages and enhance the ability to swallow bacteria and viruses, thereby enhancing immunity and making it less likely to get sick.

4. Promote hematopoiesis and improve anemia

Taking chlorella can improve anemia, especially for anemia in pregnant women.

According to the Japanese Nutrition Improvement Association published in 1973, after taking chlorella continuously for about two months, because chlorella is rich in chlorophyll and chelated iron, the iron and hemoglobin in the blood increase and become normal.

It takes 1 to 3 months to improve the physique of anemia, and the life span of red blood cells is about 4 months. It takes at least two months to renew half of it. Because the short-chain proteins and nucleotides contained in chlorella essence can repair red blood cell damage, it can promote hematopoiesis and improve anemia.

5. Has super detoxification and detoxification functions

The photosynthesis capacity of Chlorella is 10 times that of other organisms. The rich chlorophyll contained in it also has the function of purifying blood. It can decompose the residual pesticides and heavy metals in the body, excrete it from the body as soon as possible, and has a detoxification effect.

A researcher did the following experiment. Beer yeast was placed in a beaker, and then toxic substances such as mercury, copper, cadmium, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) were added. Of course, the beer yeast quickly died. However, at this time, if chlorella is added at the same time, the yeast will not die. Therefore, studies have speculated that chlorella must have a detoxification effect.

6. Enhance physical strength and eliminate fatigue

Chlorella can lower blood cholesterol levels, improve liver and kidney functions, and at the same time promote protein synthesis and normalize fat metabolism, thereby promoting active hematopoietic function and eliminating fatigue.

7. Promote the growth and development of children

In order to verify the growth promotion of chlorella for schoolchildren, the Faculty of Medicine of Nagasaki University in Japan selected 1,347 students from Takao Elementary School, Yamasato Elementary School, Yujia Elementary School, Dasanto Elementary School, First, Third, and Fifth grades in Nagasaki City; among them 676 From October 1966 to March 1967, chlorella was given daily, and the other 671 people who did not consume it served as the control group.

He measured and observed his height, grip strength, back muscle strength, and weight. The results are as follows:

⑴ Height increase rate: 2.80% in the food group and 2.71% in the non-food group.
⑵The increase rate of grip strength: 14.32% in the food group and 11.68% in the non-food group.
⑶ Back muscle strength increase rate: 16.98% in the food group and 13.68% in the non-food group.
⑷ Weight gain rate: There was no significant difference between the two groups.

Take chlorella tablets every day for about 100 days to observe the growth results of schoolchildren, and have extremely good results in improving height, grip strength and back strength.

Chlorella Tablets8. Can inhibit fat differentiation

Fujiwara of Ochanomizu University, Japan, in an experiment report in 2010, cultured mouse fat cells in a petri dish, added 50 and 100 micrograms per milliliter of Chlorella extract. After 8 days of culture, the cells were measured to observe the fat cells. The experiment showed The effect of inhibiting the differentiation of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes and reducing the activity of fat synthesis. It is inferred that Chlorella extract has the function of inhibiting adipocyte differentiation.

9. Improve blood lipids and control weight

In an experiment with rabbits as experimental subjects (Sano Tetal, 1987), hyperlipidemia rabbits were given chlorella for 10 consecutive weeks. The experiment proved that after taking the rabbits, serum cholesterol and β-lipoprotein gradually decreased.

Chlorella contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), which is the key to the activation of PPARs in the human body, which can help blood lipid metabolism and weight loss.

PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor) are called liposome proliferation receptors. PPARα is mainly in the liver, skeletal muscle and heart; PPARγ is mainly in adipose tissue, intestines, etc.; PPARβ/δ is mainly in skin, skeletal muscle, etc. After these receptor groups are activated by PPARα, β/δ, and γ activators, they have been confirmed to be closely related to the formation of cholesterol, the regulation of physiological functions, and the promotion of metabolism.

10. Improve fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a kind of rheumatism, the incidence is about 3 to 6%, and the incidence of women is three times that of men. The cause may be a painful symptom caused by inflammation of the subcutaneous muscle fibers. The patient will be sensitive to pain, even with slight stimulation, will feel great pain, and will have long-term body aches, cramps, stiffness and chronic fatigue, and often Autonomic nervous system disorders cause insomnia, headache, hand numbness, depression, and allergic gastrointestinal symptoms.

In 2000, the scientist Merchant et al. asked 18 FMS patients to take 10 grams of chlorella and 100 ml of chlorella extract daily. After two months, the pain index decreased by 25%; and in 2001 In 1991, Merchant and others once again targeted patients with FMS, hypertension, and ulcerative colitis, and gave 10 grams of chlorella and 100 ml of chlorella extract for 2 to 3 months, which proved that it can indeed reduce Symptoms, improve the quality of life, and restore normal body functions.

The cause of FMS is not yet clear, but according to some research reports, magnesium deficiency may be related to FMS. Magnesium deficiency can easily cause muscle, nerve conduction, sleep hormone-related symptoms, such as cramps, convulsions, easy depression, sleep disorders, etc. Magnesium is also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Supplementing magnesium can help eliminate fatigue.

Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, and its composition contains magnesium, so it can be supplemented by chlorella to improve FMS.

Chlorella11. Promote the proliferation of good intestinal bacteria

Chlorella CGF (that is, Chlorella growth factor) is an irreplaceable component in the nucleus of Chlorella. Its composition is rich in nucleic acids, amino acids, sugar-like substances, and complex proteins. It can be said to be a natural non-replaceable component. It is harmful to antibiotics and has the effect of resisting harmful bacteria in the body. The difference from general antibiotics is that CGF does not attack the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, but can increase the growth of beneficial bacteria by 4 times. Helps maintain a good balance of intestinal flora.