Organic Polydextrose Syrup

Appearance: Light Syrup
Other Form: Organic polydextrose powder

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What is organic polydextrose syrup?

Made from organic ingredients, Organic Polydextrose Syrup is a soluble fiber with a slightly sweet taste. Derived from corn starch, it undergoes a special enzymatic process to create a low-digestible, prebiotic carbohydrate. This translates into numerous advantages for your functional food and beverage formulations:

  • Low-Calorie Sweetener: With a caloric value significantly lower than sugar, Organic Polydextrose Syrup helps you reduce sugar content without sacrificing sweetness.
  • Prebiotic Powerhouse: As a prebiotic fiber, it nourishes good gut bacteria (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria) promoting digestive health and overall well-being.
  • Low Glycemic Index: This syrup has a minimal impact on blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetic-friendly and weight management products.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Organic Polydextrose Syrup acts as a thickening agent, fat replacer, and bulking agent, improving texture and mouthfeel in various applications.
  • Clean Label Appeal: Being organic and minimally processed, this syrup caters to the growing demand for clean and natural ingredients.

Are you a food and beverage manufacturer seeking a low-calorie, prebiotic sweetener to enhance your products? Look no further than Organic Polydextrose Syrup! This innovative ingredient offers a unique blend of functionality and health benefits, perfect for today’s health-conscious consumers.


Item Specification
Appearance Clear, colorless to light yellow liquid
Solids 70% min
pH 2.5-4.0
DE (Dextrose Equivalent) 4 max
Polydextrose 75% min
Sorbitol 8% max
Glucose + Fructose 6% max
Maltose 4% max
Ash 0.3% max
Heavy Metals
Lead 0.5 mg/kg max
Arsenic 0.5 mg/kg max
Cadmium 0.1 mg/kg max
Mercury 0.1 mg/kg max
Total Plate Count 1000 cfu/g max
Yeast and Mould 100 cfu/g max
Coliforms Negative
Salmonella Negative
E. coli Negative

Applications of Organic Polydextrose Syrup:

  • Sugar-Reduced Yogurt and Dairy Alternatives
  • Functional Beverages
  • Dietary Fiber Supplements
  • Low-Carb Bakery Products
  • Nutrition Bars and Healthy Snacks
  • Frozen Desserts

Benefits for Food and Beverage Manufacturers:

  • Clean-Label Positioning: Promote your products as organic and naturally functional.
  • Enhanced Product Differentiation: Stand out from the competition with a unique prebiotic ingredient.
  • Blood Sugar Management Appeal: Target health-conscious consumers seeking diabetic-friendly options.
  • Ingredient Versatility: Simplify formulations with a single ingredient for sweetness, fiber, and texture.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce sugar content without compromising taste or functionality.


Organic Polydextrose Syrup

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