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  • A True Super Protein - Organic Black Rice Protein

    Oct.9.2017 | Author: Organicway | Tag: organic black rice protein

    Organic black rice protein have an obviously superior nurtrition value than rice protein or even brown rice protein. It is a new raising star in the market of superfoods and sports nurtrition.

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  • Do you really know organic maca powder?

    Mar.24.2017 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: organic maca powder

    The maca powder benefits include a positive effect on hormone balance, energy levels, and a health booster. Maca powder benefits include increased fertility in both men and women, hormone balance, booster for the immune system, and increased energy, stamina, improved sexual function, memory, and foc...

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    Mar.14.2017 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: ORGANIC BARLEY POWDER

    Organic barley grass is a powerful detoxifier of the liver,blood,and gastrointestinal tract while chemically neutralizing toxins.The enzymes and amino acids found in barley grass may help protect the body from free radicals and carcinogens.Barley grass also stimulates metabolism and the body's enzym...

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  • The Powerful health Benefits of organic pea protein

    Mar.04.2017 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: sports nutritional supplements

    A premium quality, non-GMO pea protein powder is among the most hypoallergenic of all protein powders, as it contains no gluten or dairy. It’s also easy on the tummy and does not cause bloating, a common side effect of many other protein powders.

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  • Why turmeric so popular?

    Jul.31.2016 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: Turmeric Powder; Turmeric Extract

    The origin of the name is uncertain, possibly deriving from Middle English/early modern English as turmeryte or tarmaret. There was speculation that it may be of Latin origin, terra merita (merited earth).The name of the genus, Curcuma, is from an Arabic name of both saffron and turmeric.

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  • The Powerful Healing Benefits of Beets

    Jun.20.2016 | Author: Organicway | Tag: Organic red beet root juice powder

    In ancient times, beets had elongated roots like carrots and the globular red beet we now eat was only hybridized about 300 years ago. Beets have the highest sugar content of all the vegetables and are becoming popularly used as a sweetening substitute. Beet juice and beet powder are used to flavor ...

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  • 9 Ways To Naturally Boost Digestion

    May.30.2016 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: Naturally Boost Digestion

    As simple as it sounds, good digestion actually starts in the mouth. When you chew your food well, it eases the work required from your digestive system, so your body can focus on other tasks instead.

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  • Pomegranates: The New Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    Apr.30.2016 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: Pomegranates benefit

    Modern women at midlife have many options when it comes to dealing with those nasty menopausal symptoms like mood swings, depression, bone loss, and fluctuating estrogen levels. But their most surprising source of natural relief may come from an ancient food: the juicy pomegranate. But the pomegran...

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  • Foods to Support Kidney Function

    Apr.21.2016 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: Foods to Support Kidney Function

    Foods to Support Kidney Function: Cherries,Cranberries,Cinnamon,Kidney Beans,Olive Oil,Java Tea,Onions (and garlic!)

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  • The Top 9 Best Foods and Antioxidants While You Are Sick With A Cold or Flu

    Apr.03.2016 | Author: ORGANICWAY | Tag: Antioxidants food

    When you have a sore throat or if you’re congested, you might not want to eat. You feel worn down and swallowing can be very painful. Here are 12 of the most amazing foods and antioxidants that will help alleviate symptoms and even shorten the duration of any cold or flu.

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