La espirulina en polvo y las tabletas de espirulina en el mercado se enfrentan a la presión de quedarse sin existencias

Spirulina has received the attention and high praise of many scientists and international organizations all over the world for its comprehensive and balanced nutrition and high disease prevention and health care value. Nutritionists and medical scientists call it the «nutrition champion on earth» and the «new star of medicine».

The World Health Organization recognizes spirulina as the «best health care product for mankind in the 21st century» and the «future super nutritious food»; UNESCO recommends spirulina as the «most ideal and perfect food for tomorrow»; the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization also solemnly advises The world recommends that «Spirulina is the best food resource and future food for mankind in the future».

Spirulina has been widely used as a health product all over the world. Spirulina has been found to have multiple pharmacological effects. Such as lowering blood fat, anti-oxidation, anti-infection, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, anti-aging, and enhancing the body’s immunity.

Organic Spirulina Price Trend

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to pay attention to how to improve their immunity and stay away from viral infections. As an expert in this area, spirulina powder/tablets quickly entered people’s field of vision. In the months that have passed in 2020 alone, the consumption of spirulina products worldwide has reached an astonishing 10,000 tons, and this number is still growing.

Most (nearly 90%) of these spirulina powder/tablets and other products are produced in China. This huge demand and supply have brought a huge burden to China’s spirulina industry. Now, many spirulina manufacturers have announced their product out of stock early, even if the price of spirulina powder and related extension products has increased by more than 50%. Sadly, this season is not a good season for spirulina cultivation. Therefore, this state may continue until the first quarter of 2021 or even later.

The good news is that earlier last year, we expanded our organic spirulina culture base. Therefore, when many manufacturers announced that they were out of stock, our production capacity and warehousing were still sufficient, and our customers could still compare We can purchase enough and good quality organic spirulina powderspirulina tablets, and phycocyanin from us at reasonable prices.