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Organic Goji raw juice

Organic Goji raw juice

Product Name : Organic Goji raw juice

Product Code : OGJC-004


Appearance : Deep orange color liquid

Products Process : Not-from-concentrate reduction process

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What is Organic Goji raw juice?

Organic Goji

Chinese wolfberry juice, fresh wolfberry fruit as raw material,made of processed products.
Chinese wolfberry juice can also be subdivided into pulp beverage, fruit purees,100% Chinese wolfberry juice, wolfberry drinks and other types.
LBP in Chinese wolfberry is the main active ingredients regulating immunity, anti-aging,it can improve the elderly symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite and blurred vision, prevention and treatment of malignant tumor, AIDS can also play a positive role.In addition to the above, the research showed that LBP also has the protection of the reproductive system, kidney and liver, resistance to radiation and promote development, and so on.
枸杞汁2By the university of Hong Kong li ka shing institute of experimental study show that Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides could significantly improve libido and sexual function, at the same time produce positive effects on the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.
Organicway Chinese wolfberry juice was produced by not-from-concentrate reduction technology ,the production process closely and orderly, safe. Park staff will be picked fresh Chinese wolfberry, sterile water by ultrafiltration and drain,into the entire closed-end germfree production workshop, after beating equipment will be made fine and homogeneous wolfberry fruit of Chinese wolfberry juice,finally after a 130-135 ℃ high temperature instantaneous sterilization,will be sterile wolfberry thin slurry filling of the glass bottle disinfection sterilization, affix a seal.The whole process not add any chemicals, the real zero to add, nutrition and safer.

Origin Makes The Difference

Organic GojiThe quality of the starting material is an essential prerequisite,since it may affect all the subsequent phases. Hence GMPs are applied already from these early steps to guarantee the characteristics of the final product. At this stage,there are a number of measures we employ:

√ supplier inspection and qualification

√ area selection

√ control of:

– harvesting period and harvesting method

– drying conditions

– storage

√ botanical identification of the fruit

√ quarantine of the biomass under monitored conditions

√ microbiological analysis

√ chemical analysis

√ control of contaminants, including:

– pesticides

– aflatoxins

– heavy metals

Only after all of these controls will the raw material be released for further processing or rejected due to non conformance with our strict requirements.

Our Advantages

Organic Goji raw juice advantage

Robust QA Systems

More than 15 quality controls from starting material to finished product: it’s Organicway’s prerequisite, the only reliable basis on which the manufacturing process can be established and the way we create a value difference.

Organicway is committed to continuous improvement of Quality Assurance (QA) and is actively engaged in helping to define the regulatory environment.
Robust QA systems ensure quality is built into the product, starting with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) during cultivation, growing and harvesting of the plant.
The quality of a product is controlled during all stages of the manufacturing process by adherence to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and extensive testing at every stage of manufacturing.

Only when our scientists are fully satisfied is a product qualified to enter the market.

Organic Goji raw juice quality control

Efficacy & Application

  • Protect liver & depressurization

The liver is the synthesis of cholesterol and neutral fat most places. Goji (Wolfberry) substances such as organic germanium can protect the liver, inhibit fat in the liver of hoarding, promote the activation of liver cell, repair damaged liver cells.

  •  Inhibiting allergic reactions

Research indicates that Goji can enhance the phagocytosis of reticular cells, also can promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria, regulate immune response at the same time, relieve allergy symptoms, allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, asthma symptoms, such as inhibition.

  • Protection of cardiovascular

The role of free radicals have cleared the human body, can effectively protect the heart blood vessel endothelium, and maintain the elasticity of blood vessel, also can inhibit the heart, can help to adjust the arrhythmia. Also participated in the synthesis of vitamin A, containing iron can promote hematopoietic function. In addition, contains vitamin B1, B2, C and calcium, is good for the health of the eye.

  • The strong robust body

Materials such as Chinese wolfberry in LBP, plays a protective role in reproductive system, in particular, can promote the secretion of hormones, also can treat women of infertility, treatment of the male sperm scarce and the symptom such as insufficient sperm motility, eaten in moderation, can be strong tonifying qi, nourishing liver and kidney.

  • Immuno-enhancement

Wolfberry (Goji) can comprehensively enhance the body's immune ability, to inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation also have very good effect, for the body's vital organs, blood circulation has health care and promote role, very frail, poor resistance suitable for human consumption.

Organic Goji raw juice application

Packing & Logistics


 Organic Goji raw juice logistics


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