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Why We Choose Organic Erythritol?

What is organic erythritol?

Organic Erythritol is a natural sweetener found in fruits and fermented foods. Our Organic Erythritol is produced by fermentation from corn. It has a Zero Glycemic Index, which means no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, and near-zero caloric value.

The sweetness of erythritol is only 60%-70% of that of sucrose. It has a refreshing taste, pure taste, and no bitterness. It can be used in combination with high-power sweeteners to suppress the bad flavor of high-power sweeteners.

Erythritol is different from traditional sugar. It is very stable to acid and heat and has high acid and alkali resistance. It will not decompose and change below 200 degrees, and will not change color due to the Maillard reaction. Erythritol has an endothermic effect when dissolved in water, and the heat of dissolution is only 97.4KJ/KG, which is higher than glucose and sorbitol, and has a cooling sensation when eaten.

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Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of organic erythritol


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