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Almond Kernel

Almond Kernel

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Product Name : Almond Kernel

Product Code : OGVP-034


Appearance : light yellow to white powder

Drying Method : spray drying, freeze drying

Other Form : powder


杏仁Amygdalin, is a glycoside initially isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as Bitter almonds, by Pierre-Jean Robiquet and A. F. Boutron-Charlard in 18302. Several other related species in the genus of Prunus, including apricot (Prunus armeniaca) and black cherry (Prunus serotina), also contain amygdalin.






Origin Makes The Difference

蔬菜基地The quality of the starting material is an essential prerequisite,since it may affect all the subsequent phases. Hence GMPs are applied already from these early steps to guarantee the characteristics of the final product. At this stage,there are a number of measures we employ:

√ supplier inspection and qualification

√ area selection

√ control of:

– harvesting period and harvesting method

– drying conditions

– storage

√ botanical identification of the vegetable

√ quarantine of the biomass under monitored conditions

√ microbiological analysis

√ chemical analysis

√ control of contaminants, including:

– pesticides

– aflatoxins

– heavy metals

Only after all of these controls will the raw material be released for further processing or rejected due to non conformance with our strict requirements.


  • Bitter almond oil fat contained in the skin cuticle softening, moistening skin, blood vessels and nerve endings to protect the role of tissues and organs, and can kill bacteria. In addition, by enzymatic hydrolysis of HCN generated in vivo to inhibit tyrosinase activity, eliminating pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, so as to achieve the effect of beauty.

  • Large almonds can significantly reduce high blood lipid levels in patients, Spiller (1990 year) that the almonds in monounsaturated fatty acids help lower blood lipids in patients with mildly elevated, and without strict dietary restrictions.

  • Amygdalin decomposition static benzoin condensation of benzaldehyde synthase reacts benzoin. Benzoin has analgesic effect, so someone with a bitter almond domestic treatment of advanced liver cancer can relieve the patient's pain, and some even do not need to take painkillers.

  • Under the gas bitter almonds, and rich in fatty oil. Fatty oil can improve the intestinal contents of the mucous membranes of the lubricating effect, it is the function of almonds a laxative.

  • Bitter Almonds contain amygdalin, laetrile intestinal microbial enzymes in the body that can be bitter almonds or almond itself contains enzymatic hydrolysis to produce small amounts of hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde, inhibition of the respiratory center, achieve antitussive, antiasthmatic effects.

  • Amygdalin has control because antineoplastic A urea-induced diabetic effect.

  • Amygdalin has anti-mutagenic effects, bitter almond oil and deworming, sterilization, in vitro tests on human roundworm, earthworms are killing effect and typhoid, paratyphoid bacilli have an antibacterial effect. Almonds also has anti-pinworm and trichomonas infection, treatment of aplastic anemia effect.

Why Us

  • We provide solutions and innovate for almost 20 industry sectors across more than 50 countries.
  • All of our ingredients meet strict quality and food safety standards, and surpass industry standards for purity and cleanliness.
  • Our food ingredients are certified to applicable organic standards: National Organic Program (NOP) and European Union (EU). 
  • We use organic certifiers (Ecocert) who meet or exceed IFOAM standards and are accepted worldwide.
  • We have a trained in-house sensory panel to ensure consistency and quality.

Our passion is delivering innovative, cost-effective ingredient solutions to keep you ahead of trends. Let’s see what’s possible working together. Whether you operate on a global or local scale, we’ll work to keep you ahead of trends and improve your profitability.






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